[XeTeX] Sorry...question about documentclass

Axel E. Retif axretif at igo.com.mx
Fri Apr 13 07:03:01 CEST 2007

On  12 Apr, 2007, at 19:13, jeffdod at netzero.net wrote:

> I'm sorry for posting this question here on a XeTeX-only forum. I am
> using XeTeX, but my question is not really XeTeX-specific. However, I
> actually could not find a similar LaTeX-only forum other than the
> official one that seems to require a membership fee...
> Anyway, I will ask this question and best case, someone will know the
> answer. Worst case...everyone will tell me to take the question to a
> LaTeX forum!
> I am making a document that uses the \documentclass[12pt]{book}
> style. I am also using the geometry package to set up my margins and
> to set a paper size of 6x9 inches. However, the bottom margin of my
> page does not work properly, because the text sometimes overflows. If
> I set the paper size to something like \documentclass[b5paper,12pt]
> {book} and set the paper size in geometry to match the exact
> dimensions expected for b5paper, then all margins are absolutely
> perfect.
> Given that the book style does not support any 6x9 format, is there a
> way to set it up so that all margins work?

You might want to try given true<dimensions> and specifying your text  
vertical area in points, as a multiple of your baseline (Knuth's  
advice), as, e.g.,

p=18pt,left=6pc,text={32pc,525pt}]{geometry}% 525pt = 15pt x 35 lines

Even with this, some pages will have to be manually adjusted, with

\enlargethispage{positive or negative value} %% somewhere in the page

I didn't know about a LaTeX forum with membership fee, but


is frequented by (La)TeX gurus.



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