[XeTeX] [OS X TeX] XeTeX and pdfpages: no dice?

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Thu Apr 12 14:13:06 CEST 2007

--- Bruno Voisin <bvoisin at mac.com> wrote:

> I don't think it is absolutely impossible to make
> pdfpages work with  
> XeLaTeX. But that's not easy.

All you need are there as long as drivers are concerned.
Unfortunately it is not the whole story, however.
See the 2nd entry of
and consider why Jonathan wrote this :)

> - Be recognized by the graphics package. That's the
> case: the  
> graphics package has an option [xetex] for xdv2pdf
> and an option  
> [dvipdfmx] for xdvipdfmx.

xdvipdfmx understands both [xetex] and [dvipdfmx]
options, but [xetex] is the prefered one now.

> - Provide facilities equivalent to pdfTeX's
> \pdfpageattr, \pdfannot,  
> \pdfthread and \pdfdest, so that one may implement
> the same  
> functionality as the following code from
> pppdftex.def:

The syntax for the specials for xdv2pdf and for
xdvipdfmx are the same, as indicated by the fact that
they share the same [dvipdfm] option for the hyperref
package.  So this is the easiest part.

> Bruno Voisin


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