[XeTeX] inconsistant kerning

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Wed Sep 27 15:07:11 CEST 2006

JK wrote:

> Ok, a little more info. This is being caused by a bug in how XeTeX  
> deals with hyphenation positions when using "platform-native" fonts  
> (rather than TFM files). I've seen it before in a different context  
> (related to diacritics in a non-Latin script that didn't have  
> appropriate \lccode values, leading to breaks in the expected cursive  
> connection), but that was a pretty obscure case, and easily fixed by  

I don't know if this is related, but I've also noticed a strange case of kerning 
in the german abbreviation 'Vf.'

\font\1="Minion Pro" at 12pt
\1 Vf. Va 

Gives me too much negative kerning in 'Vf.', while the 'Va' is perfectly OK. 
Other application on my Mac behave as expected, so I think we can rule out a
problem with the font. Is my XeTeX broken?

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