[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx doesn't seem to respect PDF crop areas

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Sep 25 09:11:20 CEST 2006

On 25 Sep 2006, at 12:34 am, Zachary Pincus wrote:

>> In my (very limited) testing so far, it looks OK. If some "early
>> adopters" (especially OS X users who can run both xdv2pdf and
>> xdvipdfmx and compare results) care to update to the latest code from
>> Subversion, and check that the various cases of image and PDF
>> placement are handled consistently, that would be appreciated.
> I'll bite.
> Do I need to just compile the xetex sources from the svn, or do I
> also need to get a new checkout of xdvipdfmx?

I think it would be OK with the existing xdvipdfmx, as far as I recall.

> I grabbed the svn sources and tried to build with the build-xetex
> script, but that fails with:
> build-xetex: line 30: cd: Work/texk/web2c: No such file or directory
> build-xetex: line 35: cd: Work/texk/xdv2pdf: No such file or directory
> Is there any brief readme for compiling xetex from SVN on OS X? Do I
> need to get some external dependencies like we3b2c and xdv2pdf  
> manually?

This sounds like something in the configure script failed. The xetex  
sources are supposed to be pretty much self-contained, but it's very  
possible there's a prerequisite that the configure script doesn't  
check properly. You'll need to look back through the output for where  
an earlier failure occurs.

> Also, can I run xetex from the build dir (or install it into a
> sandbox) and yet have it find the rest of my tex install? Not sure if
> I want to overwrite my current xetex with the bleeding-edge checkout
> just yet.

This is a little tricky, because you'd need to have it find texmf.cnf  
and set paths correctly, etc. I'd suggest simply installing over your  
current version; you can easily revert if necessary by just re- 
installing from the i-Package or .pkg installer.


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