[XeTeX] Multiple Master: Kepler

Michael Zedler michael.zedler at tum.de
Sat Sep 16 03:42:19 CEST 2006

Jonathan Kew schrieb:
> You could try running xetex and xdvipdfmx as two separate steps, just  
> to make really sure:
>    xelatex -no-pdf myfile.tex
>    xdvipdfmx -E myfile.xd
> Oh, one possible problem for xdvipdfmx would be if your dvipdfm.map  
> has a "bad" entry for HoeflerTextOrnaments, created (erroneously) by  
> the gtamacfonts package that's included in the TeX i-Package. If you  
> get an error message about this, simply comment out the line in  
> the .map file.

Thanks, it works!


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