[XeTeX] Greek Unicode fonts for (Xe)TeX use

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Fri Sep 8 00:14:16 CEST 2006

Joachim wrote:

> > Commercial fonts have also problems.
> OK, but I'm also interested in the free fonts we have in this list in  
> the other thread – if we think about to put up a webpage with this  
> list, I think it would be fair to tell people about flaws in those  
> fonts.
> Malte, you brought up this subject, were you thinking of something  
> special or was it more a general suspicion concerning free fonts in  
> general?

I was only refering to fonts with a polytonic greek range and only
to those which I actually consider suitable for printing -- given that you
know how to avoid the problems. As to the other fonts (Kadmos, New 
Athena Unicode, etc.), they are beyond the pale and should not be used 
at all.

However, the latin fonts you've mentioned in the other thread
(Kaffeesatz, Fontin, Delicious, etc...) are really good. 
They were obviously designed with wordprocessor users in 
mind (the font naming is wrong and doesn't work with 
fontspec.sty, small caps in an individual font, etc.), but
I see no reason why people shouldn't use these fonts.

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