[XeTeX] Greek Unicode fonts for (Xe)TeX use

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Mon Sep 4 19:49:33 CEST 2006

Pablo wrote:

> I'm not aware of any problem with Gentium (it lacks bold versions, small
> caps and probably other things, but these are obvious). I would like to
> know which problems it has.

There are no technical problems AFAIK, but the design itself makes it not a very
useful typeface. It sure is beautiful, but it has a very small x-height, it doesn't 
blend well with other fonts and looks best at large font sizes. Not an ideal situation
for academic typesetting...

> The GFS fonts have some issues.
> ...

I couldn't agree more. Even the bounding box data in some fonts is faulty.
This is all really annoying. The overall design of the GFS fonts is excellent,
but this was undermined by someone's sloppiness. 

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