[XeTeX] pdf page size & xdvipdfmx (again)

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Sep 3 14:23:01 CEST 2006

Am 03.09.2006 um 10:29 schrieb Jonathan Kew:

> (2) If there is a papersize \special in your .xdv file (as a result
> of an explicit \special in your source, or from a LaTeX class/package
> that's attempting to set the size) then this will override the -p
> option, so nothing you do on the command line will have any effect.

The problem seems to be that two papersize specials are given in the  
XDV output file. The first one is usually the right one, while the  
second one seems to come from whatever page default size. (Some  
programmes are satisfied when reading the first dimensions pair,  
others are curious and want more.)

Memoir, what Joshua is using, is such a class file that persists in  
recording its "original" defaults in the XDV output. The usual LaTeX  
class files (article, ...) repeat what has been set inside the  
options or with geometry à la:


provided, the *paper*<dimen>s were used! With memoir probably two  
different *boxes are recorded in the PDF output file. Pdfinfo or  
TeXShop use a value that represents this "original" paper size, Adobe  
Reader seems to use other *box, i.e. the user settings.


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