[XeTeX] Display quality of fonts

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Thu Oct 26 14:48:04 CEST 2006

William Adams schrieb am 26.10.2006 13:56:

> On Oct 26, 2006, at 4:39 AM, Christoph Bier wrote:
>> But also AR
>> 7.0.8 has some problems with certain pages in fontspec.pdf. Here's
>> [4] one of the badly displayed pages and here [5] the next page
>> that's displayed well.
> The difference here is the presence of RGB or transparency on the [4]  
> page which changes the colour model from greyscale to RGB which is  
> displayed differently.
> If all of the colours are defined in terms of CMYK things look much  
> nicer so long as one doesn't use transparency.
> In the interim one can use a tool like Enfocus PitStop to make it  
> look nicer by converting to CMYK (and changing the rich black to  
> c0m0y0k100) if desired.

Thanks for the explanation! Thus this is not a matter of XeTeX resp.
the kind of embedded fonts.

+++ Typografie-Regeln: http://zvisionwelt.de/downloads.html (1.51)

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