[XeTeX] Experiences with XeTeX on Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Edgy Eft

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Oct 25 11:06:18 CEST 2006

Am 25.10.2006 um 09:26 schrieb Christoph Bier:

> $ xpdf xetexref.pdf
> Error: May not be a PDF file (continuing anyway)
> Error (0): PDF file is damaged - attempting to reconstruct xref  
> table...
> Error: Couldn't find trailer dictionary
> Error: Couldn't read xref table

Using xpdf 3.01 here on Mac OS X 10.4.8, it succeeds to open and  
display the file. I can easily see only two problems: in the window  
showing the document's structure, the Ǝ of the XƎTEX logo in a  
subject header is printed as its Unicode ("018) and the \ as in \font  
or \specials in a subject header is is shown as ` – but these are  
the same errors as can be observed in Apple's Preview or in TeXShop ...

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