[XeTeX] Movies/Xelatex/Beamer

Toralf Senger Senger at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Wed Oct 25 09:54:54 CEST 2006


I have been trying to embed a movie using multimedia.sty or movie15.sty
into a beamer presentation using W32XeTeX(xdvipdfmx driver). Of course
these packages have been developed to work with pdftex, or
dvips/Distiller - there is no option to use dvipdfm(x). Therefore I
guess I am doomed. An alternative way that was suggested once by
Jonathan did not work: generating a PDF-page that contains the movie
(using movie15.sty/pdftex) and load this page into my xetex document
using  \includegraphics. The movie did not play, just the replacement
text was shown. So to circumvent the movie-issue, I tried to use the
package xmpulti.sty (comes along with beamer) to load a series of
pictures. This package expect pictures to be named like e.g. "picture.0"
till "picture.71" and generates on the fly for each picture an
includegraphics-command. Of course this does not work, because xdvipdfmx
can not determine the bounding box. It relies on *.bb files but with the
given nomenclature of pictures it is impossible to give xdvipdfmx what
it needs (picture.0.bb? ,picture.bb?)

So do I just have to give up on the idea of using xelatex/beamer AND
movies/animations? Any suggestions?

Thank you,
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