[XeTeX] ``Peace on Earth'' again

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Oct 18 11:15:20 CEST 2006


If you happen to have an Urdu version, there's a nice calligraphic  
font here (you have to uncompress it on Windows):


It should do for Persian as well, but I don't know if that nasta'liq  
style of calligraphy was ever used for Arabic.

If you like, you can test it with the following sample (which I  
copied on the same site):


\setromanfont{Urdu Nastaliq Unicode}



ﺷﺎﻡﹺ ﻏﹷﻢ ﻛﮯ ﺍﺳﹻﻴﺮ ﮨﹷﻴﮟ ﮨﹷﻢ  
ﻟﻮﮒ \\
ﺳﹹﺒﺢﹺ ﻧﹷﻮ ﻛﮯ ﺳﹷﻔﹻﻴﺮ ﮨﹷﻴﮟ  
ﮨﹷﻢ ﻟﻮﮒ




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