[XeTeX] ``Peace on Earth'' again

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Thu Oct 12 16:20:16 CEST 2006


Le 12 oct. 06 à 15:33, William Adams a écrit :

> As I'd later noted, I was just as interested in new, personal
> translations as well as in old, traditional ones. Sorry I forgot that
> up-front (maybe next year I'll get this right, hopefully this year
> I'll actually get it done).

Oh, I'm sorry about this. As it's the first time I hear of your  
postcard, l didn't know you were interested in personal  
interpretations as well as in literal translations. I reacted as a  
teacher :) all the more so since the meaning of "bonae  
voluntatis" (or of the Greek word it translates) isn't obvious.

Zapfino with colours, it should look good!



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