[XeTeX] ``Peace on Earth'' again

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Le 11 oct. 06 à 04:57, Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill a écrit :

> Actually, now that Rod mentioned that this was Luke 2:14, it is
> straight-forward to find this sentence in a variety of languages
> simply by checking the relevant translation of the bible.  For
> instance, Google finds http://www.ibs.org, and from my (very)
> rudimentary knowledge of the language, I can deduce the following
> translation into Japanese:
>      地上では、平和が、神様に喜ばれる人々にあ 
> るように。

Apparently, you can also go at <http://www.bibleserver.com/>, then  
select the Read tab and below the Index tab; then select Luke in the  
left frame, and Chapter 2 in the scroll-down menu in the upper right,  
press Go, select verse 14, then select Compare in the list of items  
that has appeared at the beginning of the chapter. That will display  
the verse in a number of Bible translations:

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The translation in the French version is the one that is still, I  
think, used in Catholic offices all over France. Proposed also is an  
alternative French translation corresponding to Will's English  
original ("Peace on earth, good will toward men"), as opposed to the  
other English translation "On earth peace to those on whom his favour  

Bruno Voisin

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