[XeTeX] ArabXeTeX pre-release

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Tue Nov 28 09:02:48 CET 2006

For those few of you who have already downloaded the ArabXeteX package 
or its documentation, I have just re-uploaded a new version with some 
/very minor/ amendments to the documentation and added a little 
improvement to the font mappings to handle endashes. Sorry for that, but 
I could not resist. I don't think it is worth re-downloading the whole 
thing however, since as I said the changes are truly minor.

Another point: ArabXeTeX was developed on Linux, and the PDF 
documentation was also compiled on a Linux system: hence I would be very 
interested to have feedback from Mac users! I have encountered a few 
problems with xdvipdfmx that I shall report later, so again it would be 
useful to compare the output with that of xdv2pdf.

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