[XeTeX] Building on Intel Mac

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Nov 27 02:23:15 CET 2006

Am 27.11.2006 um 01:22 schrieb Jon Breitenbucher:

> If I add
> cp -R texk Work/

Your xetex sources are in disorder, Jon!

> to the build-xetex script I do not get the above errors but instead
> the build ends with
> ls: Work/texk/web2c/xetex: No such file or directory
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 jonb  jonb   88248 Nov 26 19:11 Work/texk/xdv2pdf/ 
> T1Wrap
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 jonb  jonb  955412 Nov 26 19:11 Work/texk/xdv2pdf/ 
> xdv2pdf

The last three lines come from the final statement in build-xetex. It  
failed to create the xetex programme, but succeeded to compile  
xdv2pdf and its helper T1Wrap. But the ls command had the argument  
"Work/texk/web2c/xetex" on its command line, and since it does not  
exist and can't be listed, it reports this error: "No such file or  

Looking into my xetex sources 'root' directory I see that it has the  
directories libs and texk. I am *quite* puzzled now ...
Ah! I see now clearer: the sources are indeed separated from the  
object files, which are compiled into the Work tree, while their  
sources are kept clean from these binary impurities. And in the  
beginning the build-xetex script deletes the whole Work tree.

For me it's too late (after 2 am) to debug the configure script, to  
see when it creates sub directories in Work.  You can see more of the  
configure phase when you change in the build-xetex script the line

	../configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --datadir=${DATADIR} || exit


	sh -x ../configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --datadir=${DATADIR} || exit

Then all commands the configure script is executing are listed in  
shell ...



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