[XeTeX] XeTeX for Debian

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Wed Nov 8 18:01:59 CET 2006

Loeghmon T. Nejad schrieb am 08.11.2006 15:57:

> Christoph,
> Thanks for your timely reply! Now I know why I am getting this many
> error messages --that I cannot resolve by myself. Would you or other
> list members here kindly help me regarding the following as well:
> 1- How can I remove (clean) the existing tetex and xetex from my debian
> (etch)? I am not a particularly savvy Linux user at this stage, and

Then I recommend not to use testing (Etch) but stable (Sarge)!

> have no clue as how tetex-xetex directory tree and files look like (to
> remove manually).

Why do you want to do this? How did you install teTeX? Why is XeTeX
already installed (and how was it installed)? If you used Debian's
apt-get or any of its frontends (apt-get, synaptic ...) it's just
one of the following for teTeX:

	# apt-get remove --purge 'tetex*'


	# aptitude purge 'tetex*'

Some other packages will be removed because of dependencies.

If you installed manually have a look at the teTeX manual.

> 2- Should I preferably switch to TexLive (from tetex), for a brand new
> installation of xetex? I hear that tetex is no longer maintained and
> users are encouraged to consider TexLive instead.

As you are not a savvy Linux user I recommend to use the stable
tree, Sarge. I don't know whether there are backports of TeXLive for
Sarge. But there are backports for teTeX 3. If you want to stay with
Etch choose TeXLive. But don't choose Etch because of TeXLive, IMHO.
If you use the Debian package management for teTeX it should be easy
to switch to TeXLive later! Even if XeTeX will be part of TeXLive
2006 it does not naturally mean that TeXLive 2006 will be part of
Etch. And thanks to the conrol files contributed with the XeTeX and
xdvipdfmx source building debs to use the Debian package management
for installation is easy, too (just follow my instructions in the
other email).

> 3- Where can I find xetex RTL script specific commands and some
> (Arabic-Persian) sample files?

Sorry, others have to answer this question.

+++ Typografie-Regeln: http://zvisionwelt.de/downloads.html (1.51)

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