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Tue Nov 7 22:13:30 CET 2006

Hi Chandra,

(Please snip off the previous message, except enough for context,  
before your reply. Oh, and add a more specific subject :) Sorry to be  

On 08/11/2006, at 2:29 , R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar wrote:

> Do the Latin Modern fonts have the glyphs specific for
> Romanized Sanskrit diacritical marks

No, they don't.
At present in fontspec and xunicode, you can only typeset characters  
that you have actual glyphs for in the font. It appears that the  
combining marks required in Latin Modern don't exist, which surprises  
me a little.

Regular LaTeX gets around the problem by faking the accents; this is  
possible in XeTeX too but no-one's written a package to do this yet.  
There was some talk of an xdiacomp package to do this about 5 months  
ago (thread "anti-xunicode") but this hasn't materialised into actual  
support just yet.

Anyone still looking at this? I'd recommend implementing it with the  
EU2 NFSS font encoding, which can then be hooked into fontspec  
easily. (Unless font encodings end up just getting in the way...)

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