[XeTeX] XeTeX Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Nov 7 20:14:26 CET 2006

Am 07.11.2006 um 16:59 schrieb R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar:

> One question, though.  Do the Latin Modern fonts have the glyphs  
> specific for
> Romanized Sanskrit diacritical marks like:
> ṛ ṝ ḷ ṭ ṭh ḍ ḍh ṇ ṣ ṅ ṃ ḥ

Could you give us the Unicode positions or their names? I think I  
cannot search for ṛ in FontBook ... Can it be that it works in  



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