[XeTeX] xetex & lyx (latex)

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Fri Nov 3 08:52:11 CET 2006


Le 3 nov. 06 à 08:09, Gour a écrit :

>> One of these was Gentium if memory serves which has quite good
>> language support.
> I played with Gentium while considering ConTeXt, but reverted back to
> LyX/LaTeX.

There's also "Charis SIL"; it includes all necessary characters to  
write Sanskrit in transliteration. You might want to try this sample,  
which also shows how fontspec can be used.

\setromanfont{Charis SIL}


nr̥̄ṇām agnīnām ákr̥ṇot saṃsāraḥ manām̐si  
havīm̐ṣi ṭaṅkaḥ ḍamaraḥ aṇḍam śatruḥ

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