[XeTeX] xetex & lyx (latex)

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Thu Nov 2 20:19:45 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 13:01 -0500, William Adams wrote:

> The most interesting thing for you to look at belike is Will  
> Robertson's nifty ``fontspec'' package.
> It reduces using an arbitrary OpenType font to just:
> \usepackage{fontspec}
> \setromanfont{niftyOTfontnamehere}
> (and you can do similar things for sans &c.)

What about using 'old' TeX & Type1 fonts?

I am also considering to buy Lucida fonts (from Tug.org) hoping they can
be used with XeTEX too?

> There was a recent discussion listing nice free fonts which you may  
> want to look up in the archives.

Thank you. I'll take a look.

However, while working with present LyX/LaTeX I often need to use,
besides Croatian chars, TeX accents to get diacritics for Sanskrit (not
Devanagari), so I have to check how are those free fonts populated, i.e.
whether they support Croatian as well as accents needed for Sanskrit

> William
> (who thinks LyX is the coolest and most innovative application,  
> opensource _or_ commercial around)


I am trying to give some input to devs not to forget XeTeX support in
LyX, especially considering that XeTeX is supposed, afaik, to become
part of TeXLive 2006.


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