[XeTeX] XeTeX compile error in Gentoo Linux

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue May 30 09:47:33 CEST 2006

On 30 May 2006, at 1:34 am, 오인수 wrote:

> With your patch, I could successfully rebuild xetex system in my  
> Gentoo box.
> However, when I executed 'xetex -ini  -jobname=xelatex - 
> progname=xelatex *xelatex.ini'
> in build time, I had same error about hungarian hyphenation  
> patterns and
> Serbian Cyrillic Hyphenation Patterns. Odd things is that by using  
> texconf program,
> I already have commented out these language(see below) .
> After installation, when I executed 'xetex -ini  -jobname=xelatex - 
> progname=xelatex * xelatex.ini' again
> no errors are occurred.

This suggests that you might have two versions of the LaTeX  
configuration (in particular, language.dat) on your system, perhaps a  
"system-wide" copy and a "personal" copy, and xetex is finding  
different ones depending where it is installed, or perhaps depending  
which user runs it (root or your normal non-root username, for example).

Does your Gentoo TeX system include both texconfig and texconfig-sys?  
If so, the first is for modifying a personal configuration, and the  
second is for system-wide configuration, and you'll probably find  
they are set up differently, with Hungarian and Serbian enabled in  
one and disabled in the other.


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