[XeTeX] Word 2007 Math

Venkatesan SK skvenkat at tnq.co.in
Tue May 30 07:47:56 CEST 2006

> Adam Twardoch wrote:
> > * Microsofted consulted with Donald Knuth on the development of their
> > new math typesetting engine

 Even Bill Gates was a different guy when he was young and a programmer.

> >
> and also, if i'm right, latex's author (lamport) has been working for
> microsoft research for years now -)

 It is good to have some fare competition but with monopolies you are
talking about unfair competetion....

TeX uses LISPish curly bracket notation, XML uses angle bracket notation,
other than that I can't see anything new. Cosmetics are very important these
days...they don't care much about content... it is so sad we have to hear
lecture on quality typesetting from M$...

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