[XeTeX] Newbie question re XeTex and BibTeX

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Tue May 23 18:53:56 CEST 2006

On May 23, 2006, at 11:26 AM, Steven Shaviro wrote:

> Excuse this newbie question, but I didn't find an answer to it in a
> quick search of the archives.
> I've recently converted some files from being processed in straight
> LaTeX to processing them in XeLaTeX. Basically this involved encoding
> the files with UTF-8 Unicode, and changing the style of the quotes
> (from `` to ", and so on).
> There is an associated BibTeX file, and as instructed I have
> converted its encoding as well to UTF-8 Unicode. However, when I run
> BibTeX on the file, to generate the bibliography as part of my LaTeX
> document, I still get artifacts of 8-bit processing. For instance,
> article titles are enclosed, not in curly quotes (like they are in
> the main typeset document) but with things like:
> Someone, Somebody. ``Title of Article." Journal, 2001.
> So, I presume, somehow the .bib file is still being read by XeTeX as
> if `` and '' were being input for the quotation marks, rather than ".
> (There are no quotation marks in the .bib file itself; this is just
> how the titles are being formatted bibliographically).
> thanks for any help with this. What else do I have to do to make
> the .bib file processed correctly by XeLaTex?
> S


Try using the xunicode package. I should translate the usual `` and  
'' (and other things like -- and ---) to the proper unicode open and  
close double quote characters.

Hope that does the job.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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