[XeTeX] fontmapping configuration in .99b for Macintosh; diglot?

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Fri May 19 10:37:12 CEST 2006

On 18 May 2006, at 2:32 pm, Maurice Bauhahn wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> Today I tried to create a mapping file so that all numbers of my text
> (in this case chapter and verse numbers) would be converted into the
> Khmer equivalent. My KhmerNumbers.tec compiled script works against
> text files when used separately on the command line (although
> interestingly I had to create individual entries instead of class
> entries for it to work).
> Then I set about putting this KhmerNumbers.tec script in the previous
> place I'd had experience of placing such files: ~ /Library/texmf/
> fonts/misc/xetex/fontmapping/
> However in XeTeX for Mac .99b the path is apparently different:
> /Library/teTex/share/texmf.local/fonts/misc/xetex/fontmapping/
> In addition while assigning the fonts I added the mapping setting as
> follows:
> \font\fourteenrm="Khmer OS:script=khmr:mapping=KhmerNumbers".
> Unfortunately my output does not reflect the Unicode transcoding.
> Hence, may I assume XeTeX has lost track of the placement of these
> files? Is there some place to tell XeTeX where the fontmapping files
> are actually placed?

Did you run "sudo texhash" after placing the file in /Library/teTeX/ 
share/.....? All the tex programs use a special filename database to  
locate files in the (potentially very large) directory trees there,  
and so you have to refresh this after adding files.

This applies to the "system" texmf directory tree under /usr/local/ 
teTeX/... (and /Library/teTeX/ is a symlink to this); but it does not  
apply to your "personal" texmf tree in ~/Library/texmf, which is  
always searched directly. XeTeX should be able to load a font mapping  
from fonts/misc/... in either tree, but in the case of the system  
tree this will only work if the filename database has been updated.

> Or is my font declaration faulty:-)

If you look in the .log file, you should see a warning message if the  
mapping file couldn't be found; that would confirm whether the  
problem is with your declaration (which looks OK to me), or with  
locating the file.


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