[XeTeX] Versions and AAT features in Hoefler Text

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon May 15 12:07:25 CEST 2006

Le 12 mai 06 à 12:40, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> The Number Case feature went missing in Hoefler Text Regular on
> Tiger, I believe; it was there in earlier versions (although there
> were other inconsistencies in features/names).
> I filed a bug report about this in May 2005 (# 4110574), but checking
> on BugReporter still shows the status as "open". I'm bcc'ing this to
> a couple of friends at Apple, as a little reminder.... (hi Deborah &
> John!).

What's most surprising is that the Number Case feature seems indeed  
to be present in the version 5.0d7e2 of Hoefler Text shipped with  
Tiger, and only to be inaccessible through AAT (or ATSUI, I never  
quite understood the difference): when using the gtamacfonts package,  
based on .ttf versions of the fonts obtained by applying Fondu to  
extract the .ttf files from their .dfont container, both oldstyle and  
lining numbers are accessible.

I just verified this by:

- Opening the file HoeflerText.ttf in FontForge to verify that it  
corresponds to version 5.0d7e2 of the font.

- Drawing characters charts of both the lining metrics texnansi- 
hoefler-HoeflerText.tfm and oldstyle metrics texnansi-os-hoefler- 
HoeflerText.tfm through testfont.tex, to verify that both types of  
numbers are available.

The only solution I've found with XeTeX for now is to use Font Book  
to disactivate version 5.0d7e2 from /Library/Fonts/, to make OS X use  
instead version 3.7d1 from /System Folder/Fonts/.

Bruno Voisin

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