[XeTeX] \font usage

Wlodek Bzyl matwb at univ.gda.pl
Sun May 14 17:08:54 CEST 2006

> However, I just tried this on my Linux machine and it doesn't work  
> reliably.... partly, at least, because the only version of URW Gothic  
> L present (on my system, at least) is in .pfb format, which XeTeX  
> doesn't handle well. I think if it were .otf, it would work properly.
> I'll try to fix some of the issues with .pfb fonts.....

   On my Linux system, `URW Bookman L' is a Type 1 font.

   The following file:

\font \X "URW Bookman L" \X

   produces a small pdf file which

   (1) displays nothing when viewed with `gs'
   (2) displays correctly when viewed with xpdf
       or acroread

   I attached this file to this email.

   Is this a feature or a bug?


--Włodek Bzyl

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