[XeTeX] \font usage

Wlodek Bzyl matwb at univ.gda.pl
Sat May 13 18:45:35 CEST 2006

    In plain.tex
    in order to prepare TeX for using `Minion Pro' Regular I use

       \font \X = "Minion Pro/Regular"

    To use Bold Italic I tried

       \font \Y = "Minion Pro/Bold Italic"

    But `\Y' switches to Bold.
    What about extending the syntax of \font primitive, to
    use `Bold Italic'?

    I am using the latest Linux version of XeTeX.
    On my system there are two URW Gothic fonts:

       URW Gothic L:style=Demi
       URW Gothic L:style=Demi Oblique

    (fc-list | egrep Gothic)

    What is the correct way of preparing TeX to
    use Demi Oblique variant of URW Gothic L font?

    I would like if possible to use

       \font \Z = "URW Gothic L:style=Demi Oblique"

    but it doesn't work. Log file contains

       Unknown feature `style=Demi Oblique' in font `URW Gothic L Book'.

    And the final question: Where is the syntax of the \font
    primitive implemented?

--Wlodek Bzyl

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