[XeTeX] New ConTeXt release and XeTeX - XeConTeXt

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed May 10 10:04:54 CEST 2006

Dalyoung Jeong wrote:
> Dear Hans,
> Thank you for the prompt reply.
> In the mac, I use the command
> 	(sudo) texexec --make --xtx en
> fot the format creating and for the compiling
> 	texexec --xtx filename.
> I'll try the new release this evening. Is it OK to upgrade cont-tmf  
> files only?
> By the way, should I use texmfstart instead of former texexec in the  
> new release? I remembered that there were some discussions on  
> texmfstart in the context list, but I didn't have an interest at that  
> time.
texmfstart texexec 

so, texmfstart is the progrma that starts a script in the tree; by using texmfstart i can make sure that i can keep up with changes in tds that would break things otherwise (as in the past) 

(apart from that, texmfstart can do things like conditional running, tree initialization - handy when you run more trees in parallel -, handle its own kpse search [either or not as service] which can be faster than the regular ways, etc) 

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