[XeTeX] New ConTeXt release and XeTeX - XeConTeXt

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed May 10 09:11:13 CEST 2006

Dalyoung Jeong wrote:
> Yes, I got the same error message.
> I thought that it happened because I updated the cont-tmf files only.
> Do you know an easy way to update all new files? i-installer updates  
> 04-27 release.
> It didn't make any trouble with the command
>   sudo texexec --make en
> but  a warning message "use texmfstart texexec" . I tried "texmfstart  
> texexec", but there is no command "texmfstart". I'd liek to ask to  
> the ConTeXt list.
> I am sorry not to give you a solution.
ah, keep in mind that the latest releases have switched to the ruby version of texexec; i'm not sure how texexec is called on the mac but on linux it's supposed to be something 

>type t:\texmf\scripts\context\stubs\unix\texexec

texmfstart texexec.rb $@

with texmfstart being a copy in the bin path of 'texexec.rb' 

then, making a xetex format goes like: 

  texexec --make --all --xetex 

and processing 

  texexec --xetex yourfile


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