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Joanna Rycko rycko at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Sun May 7 18:16:37 CEST 2006

On 2006-05-07, at 17:32, Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:

> Am 07.05.2006 um 13:16 schrieb Joanna Rycko:
>> using XeLaTeX I wanted to typeset LaTeX or even TeX logo in my
>> document. But when the text is written in sans serif font, the both
>> logos are still in serif font.
> Set aside the technical difficulties, the question remains whether
> the different logos really should be set in another font - imagine
> the IBM or Marlboro or whatever logo without their characteristic
> fonts ...

Yes, it's of course an important question. But if you use other fonts  
than CM in TeX or LaTeX you will also get the logos typeset same as  
the surrounding text. It could mean, that for Knuth was important,  
that the “E” is typeset lower than the rest of the logo, but not in  
which typeface it would be written. Otherwise, he would include the  
declaration of the CM font into the logo definition, I think.

And, I think, it looks much better, if you typeset the logo in the  
same font as the surrounding text. If you're writing about IBM you're  
not using the logo _every_ time you mention the name of this company.  
With TeX it is something special, because it is possible to use a  
logo, and it won't be very emphasised, but only correct typeset.

> (Sorry for the "product placement", this just were the logos that
> came to my mind - BTW I use a Mac and don't smoke ;^) ...)



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