[XeTeX] accessing fonts from TeX tree and glyphs without Unicode slot

Adam Twardoch list.adam at twardoch.com
Sat May 6 17:57:48 CEST 2006

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> I'll acces the glyph with it's "private area number" for now, but that
> is surely highly non-portable. Having a \XeTeXnamedglyph command would
> be great!
PUA codepoints are no less portable than glyph names. A small-caps a can 
have a PUA codepoint U+E341 in one font and a PUA codepoint U+F342 in 
another (or none at all), and it can be called "A.small", "A.smcp", 
"A.sc", "a.small", "a.smcp", "a.sc" or even "Asmall" (but that is not 
recommended). Each font vendor has their own glyph naming scheme for the 
glyph naming suffixes, for arbitrary ligatures there are several 
alternative naming options possible etc.


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