[XeTeX] XeTeX for Linux

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Thu May 4 18:08:58 CEST 2006

On 2006-05-02 20:19:41 +0200, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> It may be that the ImageMagick package you installed was only a user  
> package (containing the libraries and executable tools, but not the  
> header files needed for software development). See if FC3 has an  
> "ImageMagick-devel" package or some similar name. (This applies to  
> Fontconfig and Freetype2, as well ..... you need development packages  
> installed on your system, not only runtime ones, in order to compile  
> a program that uses these libraries. But I think if the build reached  
> this point, you probably have those already.)

I can report success installing XeTeX on SuSE 9.1 :-)

I had to compile ImageMagick and fontconfig from current sources;
the -devel packages provided by SuSE are too old. Also zlib-devel
is needed but unmentioned on

After that xetex compiled o.k. and could be installed, but
generating xelatex.fmt failed because of broken hungarian
hyphenation patterns. We commented out hungarian. :-)

xdvipdfmx was a bit harder because of libpathsea: The configure
script mentions the dir with tex-file.h, but it's parent is
needed (because of "kpathsea/tex-file.h"). This can be fixed with
LDFLAGS and CFLAGS (if you have unpacked and installed xetex and
xdvipdfmx in /tmp:
LDFLAGS=-L/tmp/xetex-0.991/Work/TeX/texk/kpathsea/.libs CFLAGS="-I/tmp/xetex-0.991/TeX/texk -I/tmp/xetex-0.991/Work/TeX/texk" ./configure

The resulting binary must be installed alongside your other TeX

After that sample2e compiles.

Now how can I use OpenType fonts? :-)


PS: Greetings from LinuxTag 2006, booth 338a

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