[XeTeX] XeTeX for Linux

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue May 2 10:05:08 CEST 2006

On 2 May 2006, at 8:08 am, Sukhi Venkat (TnQ) wrote:

> Jonathan Kew wrote on Sun, 30 Apr 2006 10:39:41 +0200
>> There is now a XeTeX for Linux page on the XeTeX web site. :)
>> Binary packages are available for Ubuntu 5.10 and SUSE 10; source is
>> available for those who wish to try building the software on other
>> systems.
>> This is an early test release, with known "rough edges" (see the Read
>> Me First section on the page!), but has a good deal of functionality
>> working. Feedback and bug reports (especially with patches!) are
>> welcome.
> Thanks for all your hard work: JK and Jin-Hwan Cho!
> I never thought you could achieve it so quickly!
> I have downloaded it on my Fedora Core 3.
> Do you think there is any special reason that using SuSe Linux or
> Unbuntu may be a better idea?

Only that it's already been compiled there, so it may be less work to  
get it running.

FC3 is a bit old, so you might well have to update libraries such as  
FreeType2, Fontconfig and ImageMagick before XeTeX will build (I  
wouldn't expect the precompiled binaries to work, as the system  
libraries and perhaps c++ compiler have probably changed between  

But as far as I know, you should have a good chance of compiling it  
from source, if you pay attention to the library requirements and use  
the build script provided.


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