[XeTeX] OT: Ukelele. Key bindings trouble

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Mar 20 18:38:36 CET 2006

Le 20 mars 06 à 17:19, Bernd a écrit :

> I bet anybody with XCode installed will have my "problem" with  
> those key bindings. At least I know how to turn them off now (I  
> won't do that, I find the useful, once I know where they come  
> from :-) )
> Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> [...] it seems that DefaultKeyBinding.dict, though absent by  
>> default, is documented at Apple's site, and that examples of Emacs- 
>> like key bindings are even provided:
>> <http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/ 
>> BasicEventHandling/Tasks/TextDefaultsAndBindings.html#//apple_ref/ 
>> doc/uid/20000468-611005>

In case that helps: according to the above page, it seems that the  
key bindings defined in DefaultKeyBinding.dict can be disactivated  
for any given keystroke by prefacing this keystroke with Ctrl-Q:

> With these bindings it would be necessary to type “Control-Q,  
> Option-f” in order to type a florin character instead of moving  
> forward a word.

and earlier in the page:

> NSQuotedKeystrokeBinding (key binding style string)
> This default controls the quote binding. The default is for this to  
> be “^q” (that's Control-Q). This is the binding that allows you to  
> literally enter characters that would otherwise be interpreted as  
> commands. For instance “Control-Q Control-F” would insert a Control- 
> F character into the document instead of performing the command  
> moveForward:.


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