[XeTeX] OT: Ukelele. Key bindings trouble

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Mar 20 14:19:04 CET 2006

Le 20 mars 06 à 13:13, Jelle Huisman a écrit :

> Op 20-mrt-2006, om 12:57 heeft Peter Dyballa het volgende geschreven:
>> Am 20.03.2006 um 12:28 schrieb Bernd:
>>> Funny, in Thunderbird alt+d produces a ḍ....
>> Because it's Carbon (and not Cocoa)?
> I don't know why, but my Thunderbird gives ∂ for alt-d, using a  
> Dutch keyboard, so...

Same here, with either English, French or German keyboard mapping. So  
there must really have been some customization going on in Bernd's  

On a general basis, I would recommend against modifying Alt-key  
combinations on non-US keyboards, unless you really know what you're  
doing, cos' several of these combinations are required for standard  
TeX input. In particular, on a French keyboard, here's the only way  
AFAIK to input the following characters:

\ = Alt-Shift-:
~ = Alt-n followed by Space
| = Alt-Shift-l
{ = Alt-(
} = Alt-)
[ = Alt-Shift-(
] = Alt-Shift-)

and if you plan to use 8-bit input:

´ = Alt-Shift-& (acute accent, to be followed by a letter)
æ = Alt-a
œ = Alt-o
ß = Alt-b
ø = Alt-o
€ = Alt-$

Bruno Voisin

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