[XeTeX] "xelatex" package?

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Tue Mar 7 01:44:05 CET 2006


For future reference, I'd be interested in putting together a LaTeX  
package to incorporate of the little tricks we're using here to  
override normal LaTeX techniques. For example, the footnote symbol  
workaround from the other day:

On 02/03/2006, at 11:54 , Ross Moore wrote:
> Better might be to redefine the  \@fnsymbol  macro to
> avoid math-mode where possible (in fact altogether):
>   \renewcommand{\@fnsymbol}[1]{%
>    \ifcase#1\or\textasteriskcentered\or \textdagger\or \textdaggerdbl
>    \or\textsection\or \textparagraph\or \textbardbl
>    \or \textasteriskcentered\textasteriskcentered  %  or use  
> ^^^^2051 for this
>    \or\textdagger\textdagger \or \textdaggerdbl\textdaggerdbl
>    \else\@ctrerr\fi}

Other candidates include handling multiple languages on top of babel,  
Jonathan's vertical output routine, and other bits and pieces.

Would anyone like to contribute bits and pieces of code to this?


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