[XeTeX] UTF-8 hyphenation patterns for Greek

Robert Spence spence at saar.de
Thu Jun 29 23:42:24 CEST 2006

Peter, Yves:

On 29 Jun 2006, at 21:42 , Peter Heslin wrote:

> Yves Codet <ycodet at club-internet.fr> writes:
>> Is it desirable to allow a break here, as σδ, σζ are  
>> equivalents of ζ
> I don't think this mailing list is
> the appropriate place to discuss the minute details of Greek
> hyphenation.

My experience since joining this list has been that it's the place  
where the minute details of just about _everything_ are discussed...

The "small world phenomenon" as applied to XeTeX:
Everything humanly imaginable is related to an imperfectly solved  
problem of computer typography by significantly less than six degrees  
of separation.

Murphy's Law, Frivolous Corollary n (where n is a very, very, very  
large natural number):
Even if you only need to typeset a single Ancient Greek word in the  
whole of your life, it will be at the end of a line and the  
hyphenation patterns as implemented on your system will be wrong.

The best way to run a civil service (invented by the Chinese, and  
adopted by the nations on _both_ sides of the Channel):
Establish a state examination to identify the bright kids who can get  
passionate about the minute details of texts that are at least two  
thousand years old.  Put them in charge of everything.  Sit back and  

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