[XeTeX] Finished testing Adobe OpenType Font Folio on the Mac

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Thu Jun 29 17:05:36 CEST 2006

I'm going to look into getting Linux installed on my G5 next (anyone  
have a good suggestion for a Linux to run in Qemu?), but for the  
nonce, here're the results of my dumping all of the font folder names  
into a .tex file and wrapping them up in ``\setromanfont{}'' commands.

First, the good news, Aldus LT Std Roman seems to've been anomalous,  
which in retrospect seems obvious since there aren't that many fonts  
which have only a single weight w/ an italic.

Most troubling was a number of fonts which exist in text/script and  
border/dingbat pairs, these almost invariably chose the ornamental  
font, to wit:

Notre Dame LT Std
Pompeijana LT Std
Rusticana LT Std
Wiesbaden Swing LT Std

(JK, I'll send you the name tables from these and other problem fonts  

I've not seriously tried to test any border / ornament / dingbat  
fonts --- accessing them strikes me as potentially very thorny ---  
anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? The only thing I'm  
envisioning is making up one package for each such ornament which  
provides commands to access the characters)

Several fonts set Greek instead of Latin text (I guess backwards  
compatibility is more important than standards-compliance?):

Symbol Std
Universal Std

A couple of fonts had strange character issues (capitals in  
particular weren't appearing). Does anyone have access to these and  
if so have they been able to use them successfully?

ITC Stone Sans Std
ITC Stone Serif Std
New Century Schoolbook LT Std
Times LT Std

I've tried the standard font trouble-shooting things (clearing font  
cache &c.) and the fonts worked fine in ID &co. so I'm mystified.

There were a couple of instances of the folder name not matching the  
font family name (this list may not be compleat):

Folder name / typeface family name

Club Type Mercurius Std / Mercurius CT Std
Cooper Black Std / Cooper Std
DIN Std / DIN 1451 Std or DIN 30640 Std
Gothic Thirteen Std / Gothic 13 Std
ITC Berkeley Std / ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Std
Kepler Std Condensed Opticals / Kepler Std
Kepler Std Extended Opticals / Kepler Std
Kepler Std Opticals / Kepler Std
Kepler Std SemiCond Opticals / Kepler Std
Montara Std / Montara
Moonglow Std / Moonglow
OCRA Std / OCR A Std
OCRB Std / OCR B Std
Ouch Std / Ouch! Std
Penumbra Half Serif Std / Penumbra HalfSerif Std
PMN Caecilia LT Std / Caecilia LT Std
University Roman Std / University Std
Wilhelm Klingspor Gothic LT Std / Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch LT Std

Also WebType Pro contained the following families:

%\setromanfont{Caflisch Script Web Pro}
%\setromanfont{Giddyup Web Pro}
%\setromanfont{Mezz Web Pro}%Bold
%\setromanfont{Minion Web Pro}
%\setromanfont{Myriad Web Pro}
%\setromanfont{Penumbra Web Pro}

Hopefully once I've had a chance to compleat this testing on a PC  
I'll be able to clean up the file and post it somewhere or we could  
add it as an addendum to the XeTeX (or FontSpec) docs somewhere.


William Adams
senior graphic designer
Fry Communications

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