[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.994a and fontspec 1.10 on Mac OS X and Lucida Sans fonts from Java

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Jun 28 10:48:47 CEST 2006

Am 28.06.2006 um 10:22 schrieb Jonathan Kew:

> Apparently the Regular font includes GSUB and/or GPOS features, and
> therefore xetex loads it by default using the ICU-based OpenType
> layout engine; and then fontspec can use \XeTeXOTcountfeatures, etc.,
> to examine it further.
> But the Demibold face doesn't include these OpenType tables, and
> therefore xetex loads it using the default ATSUI rendering engine
> instead, which supports an entirely different font feature model and
> therefore also a different set of low-level font inspection  
> primitives.

Exactly! "My" Lucida Sans Regular has 18 tables and amongst them

         'GDEF' (1990 bytes, offset 649348, checksum 0xBCDFBD7C)
         'GPOS' (3656 bytes, offset 651340, checksum 0x1694B8CB)
         'GSUB' (39692 bytes, offset 654996, checksum 0xCEAB66F2)

(Lucida Sans Demibold has 15 tables, missing these three, the Oblique  
variants have only ten tables each; Apple Font Tools, ftxdumperfuser -l)

> You should be able to work around it by specifying \setsansfont
> [Renderer=ICU]{Lucida Sans} to fontspec, to tell it you want to use
> ICU for all the Lucida Sans fonts, regardless of what layout tables
> they have (or don't have).

Yes, this makes it work!



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