[XeTeX] wrong paper size (geometry and truedimen)

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 14:02:30 CEST 2006

On 26/06/2006, at 1:24 , Jonathan Kew wrote:

> However, there may be another issue as well: the positioning of the
> output on the paper, when magnification is used. The question is
> whether the default origin of the printed page, in the absence of
> \hoffset or \voffset, should stay at (1in, 1in) from the top left of
> the paper, or if this position should be subject to magnification. It
> is not clear to me what the "correct" TeX behavior would be, as this
> is not defined strictly by TeX but by output driver conventions.

There was a fair amount of controversy here about what pdfTeX does to  
resolve this question. I think that pdfTeX did the right thing: they  
redefined the origin to be (0,0) on the page so that magnification  
doesn't affect it. I'd suggest XeTeX follows pdfTeX's lead here.

This then requires a bit of a change to pdftex.ini to get consistent  
results, but it's certainly a better solution than having your  
offsets messed up by \mag.

See the thread on c.t.t. earlier this year:
(that's the solution, the whole thread is a little convoluted.)


P.S. I hope I got those details correct; I'm about to cook dinner and  
it's all a little hazy in my memory!

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