[XeTeX] wrong paper size (geometry and truedimen)

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Sat Jun 24 20:16:30 CEST 2006

Using xdvipdfmx code from today afternoon (and xetex code from June 21st
at 22:55) I don't get the right papersize with geometry.

Here is the file:




This is a sample text.


I guess this is due to the use of the mag option in geometry, that makes
xetex or xdvipdfmx understand truecm as cm and calculates the “true
centimeters” of the real papersize. In the example, 496.063 x 701.575
pts, which are with mag=1050 472,44 x 668,17 “truepts".

I wonder whether xetex (or xdvipdfmx) handle “true units” right with and
 without geometry (under different circumstances than the ones explained
by me).

And another issue is that neither -papersize in xelatex nor -p in
xdvipdfmx seem to change paper size of this file.

Thanks for your help,


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