[XeTeX] Bookmarks, PDF Title in Unicode [without \special{pdf:tounicode}]

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Wed Jun 21 22:10:56 CEST 2006

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> As of this afternoon, the latest xdvipdfmx code in Subversion  
> includes Unicode support for bookmarks (etc).... this is obviously  
> prompted by Timothy's contribution, but implemented in a slightly  
> different way.
> With this implementation, the Unicode support is automatic; you  
> should *not* include a pdf:tounicode special in the source document.  
> (That is still supported, so that the driver could still be used with  
> non-Unicode TeX systems and tounicode mappings, but it should not be  
> needed for Unicode/xetex.)
> Feedback is welcome; it seems to work in my small tests (even  
> including bookmarks with supplementary-plane text, although not all  
> viewers display them properly; Reader 7.0 does, though).

I'm afraid it doesn't work on my machine ;-(

Here is my file:

\usepackage[dvipdfm,pdftitle={χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά}]{hyperref}
\setromanfont{GFS Didot}

\emph{Beautiful is though.}


And I get the following message from xdvipdfmx

** WARNING ** Failed to convert input string to UTF16...

\AtBeginDvi{\special{pdf: tounicode UTF8-UCS2}} works fine with an Omega
 generated file.

BTW, xdvipdfmx adds an \n at the end of the CreationDate field, such as
"/CreationDate (Wed Jun 21 21:44:35 2006\n)". AFAIK this should be removed.

Thanks for your help,


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