[XeTeX] Chnese docs: traditional => simplified

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jun 21 15:12:38 CEST 2006

On 21 Jun 2006, at 1:01 pm, ahoenig at jjay.cuny.edu wrote:

> I successfully typeset  a Chinese/English document using (plain)  
> xetex.993 and
> traditional Chinese characters.  I would like to
> typeset the same document again, this time replacing the  
> traditional characters by their
> simplified counterparts.  In TeXShop, I
> opened the source, selected all of it, and converted from  
> traditional to simplified using
> the
> TeXShop>Services>ChineseTextConversion tab.  As far as I can tell,  
> this was properly
> done---I can see the simplified characters
> in the source.  However, after typesetting, all these simplified  
> characters appear in the
> output as square boxes.  What am I doing
> wrong, and how can I fix it?  Thanks!!

Sounds like you're probably using a font that only supports the  
traditional characters; not all fonts cover the same Unicode  
character repertoire.

Try ensuring that \tracinglostchars is positive, and check the .log  
file for "Missing character" messages. Or just try some different fonts.

If that doesn't help, I'd be interested to see a test file.


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