[XeTeX] grchyph/sanhyph and TeX Live

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Jun 21 08:55:29 CEST 2006


Le 20 juin 06, à 11:26, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> There's a whole raft of issues with hyphenation files that we need to 
> discuss, as part of bringing xetex into TL; a number of the "standard" 
> files are dependent on particular 8-bit font encodings, and won't 
> load/work under xetex. I've hacked around this for some languages by 
> including modified versions with xetex (using conditionals so that 
> they still work under old tex as well), but that's a short-term 
> workaround, not a good long-term solution.

If I understand well a good solution would be to create Unicode 
patterns after patterns meant for 8-bit or 7-bit encodings. As far as 
I'm concerned I'm ready to work on frhyph.tex and adapt it (if its 
licence allows it) with the help of Jonathan's modified version (by the 
way, Jonathan, may I ask you where I can find this file?). I suppose 
some other members of this list will want to do the same for their own 
language. There will be a few issues to discuss. Such patterns would 
probably have to include both decomposed and precomposed characters for 
some languages, such as mine. Besides, as they are now, patterns meant 
for XeTeX use a \global command before \lccode declarations (if it's 
the right word). I remember Jonathan said he might modify a certain 
file (I forget which one it is but he will know) so that such commands 
wouldn't appear anymore in patterns; in that case they wouldn't be 
XeTeX specific, I presume, and could be used by other Unicode variants 
of TeX. This remark is related to what Jonathan writes below: maybe 
there could be a second language.dat (with this name or another one) 
but not only for XeTeX.

> Either (pdf)latex and xelatex need to have separate language.dat 
> setups, or files need to be updated so that they can work under both 
> byte codepage and Unicode models. I'm hoping to start a discussion on 
> this sometime soon, just haven't had time to write stuff up yet. It 
> would be nice to sort this out before TL2006 is finalized.

Other members of the list will express their needs, but the only thing 
I need now is a "clean" way to load hyphenation patterns (and the 
patterns themselves of course). If what I suggested above is feasible 
there could be two subtrees for hyphenation: an 8/7-bit one and a 
Unicode one. Maybe a third one if pdfTeX has its own requirements; as I 
never use it I can't say.

Best wishes,


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