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Toralf Senger Senger at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Sun Jun 18 12:45:07 CEST 2006

>I don't seem to have chemarrows.sty as part of my usual gwTeX setup

Sorry, my mistake, it is chemarrow.sty

>if you might be able to produce a small test file using plain xetex, or xelatex

Here a XeLatex File that demonstrates the problem:
\font\x=arrow at 12pt
normal font:\\
A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{-}\hfill}B;
with \textbackslash fbox: A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{\fbox{-}}\hfill}B\\ 
arrow font: \\
A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{\x \char71}\hfill}B;
with \textbackslash fbox: A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{\fbox{\x \char71}}\hfill}B\\
dirty trick I used:\\
A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{\hskip-4pt\fbox{\x \char71}\hskip-4pt}\hfill}B\\
Of course I replaced the \textbackslash fbox with an own command that draws 
a frame of zero width. Replacing the \textbackslash fbox by another \textbackslash 
hbox does not work!

An Here a XeTeX file:

\font\x=arrow at 12pt
normal font: A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{-}\hfill}B;
arrow font: A\hbox to 60pt{\cleaders\hbox{\x \char71}\hfill}B;

When I TeX those files, I get for the arrow font a hbox, where all \char71 seem to overlap and fill the box only up to about 70%. When I force TeX to fill the box entirely (by manually placing 13(?) \char71 instead of the \cleaders construct), it is complaining about overfill hboxes. As if XeTeX and TeX are disagreeing about the dimensions of the glyph?


without extra packages, that demonstrates similar incorrect leader- 
filling behavior? That would make it easier for me to start  
investigating the cause.



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