[XeTeX] possible bug in xdvipdfmx

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Jun 17 19:28:41 CEST 2006

On 17 Jun 2006, at 6:03 pm, Ralf Stubner wrote:

> Pablo Rodríguez <oinos at web.de> writes:
>> I'm afraid I cannot code, but at least (x)dvipdfmx handles Gentium
>> TrueType right when the dvi file comes from Omega/Lambda using OFM  
>> files.
>> This is really weird (from my ignorant point of view), since (x) 
>> dvipdfmx
>> seem to have problems embedding TrueType fonts when using TFM files.
>> Could it be something related to the way TFM files for TrueType and
>> OpenType fonts are generated?
>> (If XeTeX relies on ttf2tfm there might be a problem there, since  
>> it is
>> unmaintained right now.)
> I am not really sure what you mean with TFM here. When XeTeX (and
> xdvipdfmx) use a font directly (native font), then there are no TFM
> files involved. All the metrics information is taken directly from the
> TTF/OTF file.

Right; TFMs don't come into the picture.

> What I find odd is that the duplicate embedding only happens with
> TrueType fonts, not with OpenType fonts. Or, to be more precise, it
> happens for TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts using TrueType glyph
> data. It does not happen for OpenType fonts using PostScript/CFF glyph
> data.

I've checked-in a modification to xdvipdfmx that is supposed to fix  
this, so that it doesn't create multiple PDF resources for the same  
TT font at different sizes any more.

I'd consider this an experimental modification, but it seems to work  
well in simple tests, at least. Feel free to check out the latest rev  
and give it a try.


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