[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx code updated

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Jun 17 15:28:40 CEST 2006

On 17 Jun 2006, at 1:23 pm, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:

> Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> For those who like to live on the bleeding edge, there have been some
>> updates to the xdvipdfmx code... if you get the latest from
>> Subversion TRUNK and build it, you should get rid of those annoying
>> font-related warning messages (which were really pointless), and
>> hyperlinks will now work when using opentype/truetype fonts.
> I have tried to download the xdvipdfmx code from
> http://scripts.sil.org/svn-view/xdvipdfmx/TRUNK.tar.gz?view=tar,  
> but the
> file permissions are set to 644 for all files and some files require
> execution rights.
> Is there any way to set the right permissions automatically?

Sorry, at the moment I don't know how to fix this. The tarball is  
created on demand by the ViewVC utility (which also  provides the web  
interface to the source repository), and it seems to lose the  
executable flags on the scripts such as configure, etc. You can fix  
them with chmod +x before building; e.g., see the build-xetex script,  
which executes

   find . -name configure -exec chmod +x {} \;

just in case it's being run in a source tree that came from such a  

Note that if you use a Subversion client to check-out and maintain a  
working copy of the code, the permissions are correctly retained;  
it's only if you get a standalone tarball that this problem happens.

I should really follow up with the ViewVC developers, as this is  
pretty annoying; I just haven't had time to look into it.


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