[XeTeX] MakeIndex

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Fri Jun 16 12:07:52 CEST 2006

On 16 Jun 2006, at 10:48 am, Yves Codet wrote:

> Hello.
> Le 15 juin 06, à 09:53, Ross Moore a écrit :
>> But there are lots of standard index styles, with .ist suffix.
>> Use them as in:
>>     makeindex -s icase.sty  -i <jobname>.idx -o <jobname>.idx
>> for case-insensitive sorting.
> I must be missing something. Is this command meant to overwrite  
> the .idx file? I haven't found any "icase.sty" but there's an  
> "icase.ist". I've tried this:
> makeindex -s icase.ist -i main.idx -o main.idx

Judging by what "man makeindex" has to say, I think you'd do better  
to try something like

	makeindex  -s icase.ist  main.idx

which should process the main.idx file and write output to main.ind.

(You can't output to the same file as the input; that erases it  
before reading it! And you don't want the -i option, which tells  
makeindex to read from standard input, which is why it appears to  
"hang"... it's waiting for end-of-file on your terminal input.)


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