[XeTeX] Differing font name handling betwixt Mac OS X and W32 (and Linux?) XeTeX

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Thu Jun 15 13:51:19 CEST 2006

Okay, I've just had w32xetex build a font cache of the entire (well,  
Western) OpenType Font Folio OpenType fonts.

Trying it out, I found that some fonts didn't work w/ closed up names  
(Garamond Premier Pro most notably), but did w/ closed up names, and  
that in some instances, font weights weren't correctly chosen  
(noticed this with ITC Franklin Gothic Std (am I the only person in  
the world weirded out by that abbreviation?) and I think Helvetica  

I'm going to be doing more testing on this presently, but it was  
interesting enough, I thought it warranted some specific discussion  
(I think it's been touched on peripherally, not specifically, if my  
uncertain organic memory is reading right).

So, the short version, to jump start conversation is:

\setromanfont{Garamond Premr Pro}
  - works on w32tex (and Linux?)


  - works in Mac OS X

Not sure if it's fontspec-specific, or a XeTeX thing (didn't think to  
test w/ Plain TeX since I'm spoiled by fontspec's goodness).


William Adams
senior graphic designer
Fry Communications

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